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These days there is very little time for people to think about themselves – and this is where archery comes in. Archery gives you the opportunity to learn a new sport that allows you to relax, trains your ability to concentrate and to become centred.


shooting while movement …


… it´s great fun

We offer traditional archery courses. Just like the “ancient” riding people such as the Magyars, Huns or Turks we shoot with horse bows – simple wooden bows without any technical trappings and with wooden arrows – but without a (real) horse. Shooting from horse bows is still full of movement. After an introductory session, which teaches you the basic techniques, you will learn how to shoot while moving. The improvement in concentration and awareness of your body – combined with the great sense of achievement – promises a fun time for both young and old people.

Every participant is lent a traditional hand-made horse bow with a low draw weight, so that you can easily learn how to use a bow and arrow. In addition every participant gets wooden arrows and arm and finger protection

Our traditional targets of Asia are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a different challenge to the archer, compare to the conventional round “fita” discs, with the highest score in the center. However, we also have a nice selection of targets with an integrated “Fita” design.

In this sense, I hope that you will find what you are looking for and wish you lots of fun.
Your Martin Grober

What we do: