Bronze & Silver

Bronze and Silver Thumbrings

Ottoman Thumbrings Bronze

Ottoman Thumbrings Bronze

I am very pleased to announce that, in cooperation with Stephan Anstadt of Thumbarchery, I have found a way to offer thumbrings in bronze and silver. The rings are available in 6 standard sizes with the additional option to customise them to your thumb. Bronze and silver, like horn and bone, are original and traditional materials for thumbrings.

How do I find my size?

For optimum fit under tension, the rings have an oval diameter. The easiest way to determine your size is with either a slide caliper or by simply placing your thumb on a sheet of paper and tracing the outline.

It is best to use the measurement guide: Measurement Guide for Ottoman Thumbrings

How does the ring fit?

Thumbring Bronze

Thumbring Bronze

The most important measure for the fit is at the narrowest point. It ensures that the ring sits tightly on the thumb and does not shift, for example, when reaching for the next arrow. Therefore, choose your ring according to the measure at the narrowest point. The broader measure may still have a little room at the top. Despite best possible remote customisation, it may be possible that the ring does not fit perfectly. In this case, you can easily remove material with sandpaper or a file. If, according to the measurements, none of the listed sizes will fit your thumb, the metal rings can be changed in size quite easily, just like a “regular” ring. I am happy to offer you this service at a small extra charge.

Ring Sizes & Price

Select the appropriate ring from the table, based on your measurements.

Bronze           Silver

XS = 16 x 21 mm                             € 35,-                   € 49,-

S    = 17 x 21 mm                             € 39,-                   € 65,-

M   = 18 x 23 mm                            € 45,-                    € 75,-

L    = 19 x 23 mm                            € 49,-                    € 89,-

XL  = 20 x 26 mm                            € 59,-                    € 95,-

XXL = 23 x 27 mm                          € 75,-                    € 135,-

Ottoman Thumbring Silver

Ottoman Thumbring Silver

925 Sterling-Silver Rings

The thumbrings in sizes above are available in high-quality Sterling-Silver. Simply note on your order that you would like your thumbring in silver.

Customising Your Ring

If none of the listed sizes fit your thumb, I can offer you customisation for a surcharge of € 29. If necessary, the resizing is carried out expertly by a gold and

Thumbring Silver

Thumbring Silver




As the tariff structure of Deutsche Post has changed since 1.1.2019, I have to calculate the shipping separately from now on.

within Germany:                  + € 1.55

outside Germany:                 + € 3,70

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