Closure of Business, Dec. 2020

Closure of Business, Dec. 2020

Dear friends of thumb archery,

to pull the bow, feel the well-coordinated interplay of the muscles. Breathe. Become as one with the target, the arrow automatically detaches from the string. It is not necessary to look after the arrow, it has the perfect trajectory and I know that it will find its target.

Which archer doesn’t know this feeling?

I have seen it far too rarely in recent years – be completely for myself and let a few arrows fly. A good friend once told me that you should consciously reflect on your life every seven years to realize what is important to you and what you can let go. 

For this very reason, I decided with some tears in my eyes but also, on the other side with a smiling face, that 2020 is my last season, in which I give archery courses in thumb technique and produce and sell thumbrings for archery. 

At the end of the 2020 season, I had nine intensive years in which I learned a lot. But for me the most valuable thing are all the encounters with all those nice people who make up the world of archery. Many of these acquaintances have now become friends.

Dear friends of thumb archery, dear business partners, dear friends, thank you for the great time. Maybe we’ll see each other at some shooting range and enjoy archery together. It would be a pleasure for me.

See you and take care

Your Martin Gröber

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