Nockless Arrows

The advantage of arrows with a nock was that an enemy who did not know how to shoot these arrows was unable to fire them back. The arrows were finished off so that instead of a nock, the end was cone-shaped. A small ring made out of strong knotted thread is looped around the cone and the bowstring to shoot the arrow. The disadvantage is that this ring flies away when you fire. If you find it, you can use it again, otherwise you need a new one. This can be avoided by using a Julbah. This is a hollow, conical nock made out of horn that holds the nockless end of the arrow. The Julbah is attached to the bowstring with thread and you can now shoot various nockless arrows in succession.

Nockless Arrow with loop of thread

Nockless Arrow with “Julbah”



P1090576 P1090578

Nockless arrow with cone-shaped end                             Nockless arrow secured with a loop of thread

P1090590 P1090588

Julbah on the bowstring                                                                      Julbah secured with an arrow

nockless arrow with razor
Another way to make life harder for the enemy was to insert a sharp blade in the nock. This meant that you of course fired your arrow using a loop of thread or Julbah.