Sep. 22th / 3. House exhibition TFBS

Sep. 22th / 3. House exhibition TFBS

on Sunday, 22.09. there was again an open House exhibition, organized by the traditional field-archery club TFBS Munich.

As usual, ELITE bow and archery-thumbring munich was represented, which had a number of bows and arrows here and could show different shooting techniques. Represented to the first time was Axel Kelp from “simple archery”. He had a lot of accessories such as nocks, pins and feathers etc. and could bring competently and in detail, all interested parties, archery closer.

In contrast to the last event in spring, when it had rained almost the whole time, this time it was sunny and therefore also well attended. Between 10:00 and 15:00 was well-attended crowd and it could be done many interesting discussions.

The event, has become a tradition with more and more visitors and we look forward to the next time

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