Another way to shoot short arrows is by using a Turkish siper that should be familiar to you from flight archery. The word siper simply refers to a shield that protects the back of the hand. The siper is tied to the back of the bow hand using leather straps and also allows you to shoot short arrows; however these cannot be as short as when using an arrow guide.

Although the siper is known only from flight archery in the 17th century, it is assumed that the device was also used in battle. Old portraits show Turkish soldiers with a siper tied to their belts. It should be noted that the record for flight archery over 800 meters was made in the 16th century – around 100 years before asiper was first used.

Shooting with a Siper


turkish siper

The first step is to tie the siper block firmly to the back of your hand using leather straps that run between the thumb and indicator of the bow hand. The needs to be firmly and securely attached.

SiperNow you can insert the siper (shield) to protect the back of your hand. The bow is held in the so-called “falcon´s talon” with an extended wrist.

Siper mit MushammaWhen using a bow with a high draw weight you can tie a waxed strip of cloth (Mushammah) around the grip to support the extended wrist.

P1090506Nock the short arrow as usual and hold it using the thumb lock. The tip of the arrow rests at the end of the groove in the siper block.

Siper Auszug

Do not exert any pressure on the shaft while drawing and releasing the bow and make sure the bow hand remains quiet and stable throughout the procedure. Once you have released the arrow you can dip the bow forwards slightly, thanks to the “falcon´s talon” grip.