The Stance

In archery a steady and upright stance is the foundation of a reproducible shot. However, your position does not really have to be identical every single time.

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In my opinion you only need to ensure you are standing in a steady and especially upright position, with your centre of gravity as centred as possible. Usually this is achieved by placing the legs further apart than the width of your shoulders. A correct posture becomes even more important on uneven ground, such as on a shooting course. How you place your feet specifically is not as important as an upright (proud warrior) posture. If my body is upright, it doesn’t really matter what my legs are doing. I can shoot and hit my aim while standing, kneeling and, after a bit of practice, even while moving.

Generally it is better to slightly angle your upper body towards your target, instead of standing sideward to it.

The accuracy of the following information cannot be guaranteed. They only reflect my own experience with the thumb technique.

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