Thumbring Standard Sizes

Thumbring Standard Sizes

6. -and 21. Century come together


Because of the large demand for custom-made thumb rings made of horn or bone, I now offer Ottoman thumb rings in 7 standard sizes. The rings are made in Munich/Germany on an industrial plant in “additive manufacturing” – commonly known as 3D printing . There are two colors to choose from. I chose black and ivory and so get closest to the horn or bone rings.


In my courses and trainings I already use the rings from the 3D printer successfully. These rings are not made of a “traditional” materials such as horn or bone, and you also do not feel the “breath of history” with them, but they are cheaper than the personalised rings.

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  1. Greg Kimball

    Please quote a price each for the bronze ring & the 3-D ring & shipping to Oregon-USA. Can you quote in dollars?
    Thank you,
    Greg Kimball

    • martin

      Hello Greg,
      thanks for your interest in thumb rings. The price for a Bronze Ring is € 49,- (if you choose one of the mentioned sizes) In case you want to customize the size, please add € 29,-
      The 3D ring comes to € 28,- / The shipping comes to € 3,70
      PLease understand that all prices have to be in Euro.
      Many Greetings

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