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Daumenringe Standardgrößen

Daumenringe Standardgrößen

Because of the large demand for custom-made thumb rings made of horn or bone, I also offer Ottoman thumb rings in 7 standard sizes. The rings are made in Munich/Germany on an industrial plant in “additive manufacturing” – commonly known as 3D printing . There are two colors to choose from. I chose black and ivory and so get closest to the horn or bone rings.

In my courses and trainings I already use the rings from the 3D printer successfully. These rings are not made of a “traditional” materials such as horn or bone, and you also do not feel the “breath of history” with them, but they are cheaper than the personalised rings.

which Material they made from?

The material used is polyamide 2200, which is processed in powder form. The preparation of the powder, as well as the “printing”, are also done by a company from Bavaria. The rings are therefore not “only” Made in Germany, but even “Made in Bavaria” 😉

The finishing and dyeing are held in Munich. The entire process-chain, from design to production is handled within Bavaria/Germany.

Basically, polyamide (also known as nylon) is recyclable. The material is mainly used for clothes; is therefore biocompatible and there is a Certificate for it. Also for coloring, textiles color is used, which has survived the poison and skin contact test with no problems. A certificate for the biocompatibility of the coloring is likely created later this year. Details for technology freaks

How do I find my size?

For optimum fit under tension, the rings have an oval diameter. The easiest way to determine your size is with either a slide caliper or by simply placing your thumb on a sheet of paper and tracing the outline.

It is best to use the measurement guide: Measurement Guide for Ottoman Thumbrings

Based on your measurements, select the appropriate ring from the table.


1 = 17 x 22 mm

2 = 18 x 23 mm

3 = 19 x 24 mm

4 = 20 x 25 mm

5 = 21 x 26 mm

6 = 22 x 27 mm

7 = 23 x 27 mm

how does the Ring fit?

The most important measure for a proper fit is at the narrowest point on your thumb. It ensures that the ring will stay on your thumb without moving around when you grab the next arrow. Therefore, choose your ring according to the measure of the tight spot. The broader measure may still have a little room for improvement. The rings have been made so that you can easily remove some material with sandpaper or a file, if the ring is too small or pinches.

Price: 28 €                                     Order Request


As the tariff structure of Deutsche Post has changed since 1.1.2019, I have to calculate the shipping separately from now on.

within Germany:                  + € 1.55

outside Germany:                 + € 3,70

Daumenringe Standard

Daumenringe Standard