Thumbtechnique meeting at Wahrburg / 7. – 9. June

from 7. – 9. June was the 4th Thumbtechnique-Workshop at the Seminarhouse “Castle Wahrberg”.

As every year there was a meeting of enthusiasts for the thumb technique from people throughout the country. From beginners to experts, everything was represented. Is was a lively exchange between techniques of various styles.

The program was as follows:


1 Basic knowledge for beginners
2 clean release
3 aiming with thumb technique
4 Shooting technique to Arab Archery
5 video Analysis
6 Kyudo – a short introduction

group dinner: Hungarian Beef Stew

9:30 -12:00 clock  / Parcour Tournament – trail around the castle
then awards ceremony and a closing round

As always it was a nice event.

Here are some impressions:

P1060693 P1060692 P1060687 P1060682 P1060668 P1060665 P1060656 P1060653 P1060647 P1060641 P1060635 P1060634 P1060618 P1060616 P1060613 P1060612 P1060599 P1060594

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