who i am

The first time I held a real bow in my hand I was immediately fascinated by it. It transported me back to my childhood, the last time I had held a “bow” in my hands. At that time it was just a stick of hazel wood…


Martin Groeber

Now I have a Hungarian horse bow made out of ash wood, a very beautiful device and a real work of art. The bow was the first effective long-range weapon of mankind – as long as 15,000 years ago. This has always fascinated me and is the reason why I started practicing archery.


Leather Ring

I first learnt to use the bow and arrow according to the Mediterranean technique, where the string is drawn with three fingers. But after a short time – once I had understood the basic techniques – I started to learn the thumb draw method. My first ring was a simple leather ring that worked just fine, but I was still fascinated by the rings made out of horn, which I had seen in old pictures of mounted archers.


“Mongolian Horn Ring”

I desperately wanted a horn ring and began to search the internet. My search was successful and I bought what I thought was a “Mongolian” horn ring. The front part of the ring, which is meant to protect the tip of the thumb from the string as it snaps back, was much too short, so that the string painfully smacked into my thumb after every shot. My purchase was cheap, but unusable.


broken “Hornring”

A second horn ring broke during the first shot and fell to the ground in two pieces. To my surprise the arrow hit the target…


my 1st Thumbring made out of Buffalohorn

It seemed like all rings except for the leather ring were useless. It came to me that as a trained carpenter I might try making a ring myself. After a weekend’s work I finally held my own home-made ring made out of buffalo horn in my hands. I had made it based on old historical images of a Turkish archery thumb ring.

I probably don’t have to mention that the ring worked perfectly. The release was short, crisp and very precise and I was very happy with the ring.

I would be very happy to meet you on one of my archery courses. I would love to show you the basics of Mediterranean- and the complex system of the thumb technique.

In this sense, perhaps we see us soon and have fun on the website.

Yours Martin Groeber